Toledo 2003

A few pictures from the Toledo Expo


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An unbelievable F-100, by Mr. Top Gun, Joe Grice.

A closer look at the detailing

You have to see this to appreciate it.

I can't get enough of it!

An electric Bugati by the master Keith Shaw.


A very pretty P-38

Frank Noll and Giselle

Another Monokote masterpiece by the Monokote master, Faye Stilley

Graeme Mears does it again, A "have to see" PA-17 Super Cub.

It doesn't get much better then this.

Giselle in front of the main display booth.

A very nicely painted Edge 540

Jim Bisson from BCM mufflers

Giselle and I posing for the camera

A very nicely done Gee Bee

Here is another look at it.

A 40% Extra 330 by Fiberclassics, looks very promising.

A beautifully finished Bandit, by Terry Nitch.

An absolutely stunning PT-26B by Bob Nellitz



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